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Business Intelligence Dashboard

The Curl Business Intelligence (CBI) demonstration uses a rich client module for viewing business performance metrics supplied by a server ERP system.

The CBI module is part of a widely used Japanese ERP system. It consumes business performance metrics (a few thousand facts about sales and profit by division and month over five years). The application uses the data to populate its views. This kind of data is most effectively organized as a multi-dimensional model, described by a "star schema", with a central fact table containing specific measured values indexed by dimensions (such as time, organization, product, geography, scenario). A dimension table describes each dimension. This multi-dimensional structure is called a hypercube. Once the application has obtained its model (facts and dimensions) from the server, it operates purely on the client. The hypercube model is queried for datasets, which are presented as charts, grids and tables, parameterized according to user supplied criteria.