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As the CDE is provided as an Eclipse P2 repository, it can be installed from the Eclipse update site. The Eclipse pl ugin and Curl RTE installers can both be acquired from the Eclipse update site, in which case the Curl installer will be launched via the CDE plugin.

Before installing the CDE, please install Eclipse. (The minimum supported version of Eclipse is 3.7.2.) A matching JVM version must also be installed (Sun / Oracle JDK 1.7+ is recommended).

  1. Eclipse Installation
  2. CDE Installation
  3. * For Ubuntu users
  4. * Known installation issues

2. CDE Installation

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Select [ Help > Install New Software... ] .
  3. From the installation dialog show below, press the [ Add ] button and enter the values shown into the [ Add Repository ] dialog.
    For Location, enter the URL of the update site. Information on the update site can be found in the CDE Download Completed Screen.

    Name: CDE (or any other valid reference name)
    Location: Update Site URL

    Add Repository

  4. A list of available plugins will be shown. Select the following.
    • Curl Development Environment

    Curl Development Environment

    Note: A Curl Development Environment for one of the supported languages (English, Japanese, Korean) must be installed. Optional installs (which can be installed later as well) are: "Caede Development Tools", "UML Tools", and "Memory Analyzer." If installing UML Tools or the Memory Analyzer, please check the “Contact all update sites during install to find required software” button, which will automatically download the plugins for EMF, UML, JET, and MAT.

    If you are installing "UML tools" to Eclipse 4.2+, before your installation starts, you will need the following additional settings in Eclipse:
    (i) Select menu "Help" -> "Install New Software..."
    (ii) Click the "Add" button on the dialog, then add the following URL to your "Available Software Sites" list:
    (this JET repository is not longer provided in Eclipse 4.2+ by default)
    (iii) Click the "Add" button and close the settings dialog, then proceed with your CDE installation.

    When developing mobile applications with Caede, You can improve your development efficiency best by using " Caede Development Tools " ( as an eclipse plugin ).
    You need to install a Curl Pro/IDE license to your CDE before using " Caede Development Tools ".
    See here for obtaining a Curl Pro/IDE license.

  5. Follow the dialog directions to install.

    ※ On error during installation, see Known installation issues.

  6. Restart Eclipse.
  7. When opening a Curl perspective or otherwise using CDE features, the CDE plugin will start.
  8. If using the CDE for the first time, please see the CDE overview or tutorial.
    • From the Eclipse menu, Select “Help -> Help Contents”.
    • The Eclipse help window will open. Select “Curl Development User Guide”.
  9. After Eclipse has restarted, The Curl IDE/RTE installer will run; follow its directions to install.
  10. The CDE installation has completed!
    Select [ Window / Open / Other… ] , select Curl from the dialog and press the [ OK ] button to open the Curl perspective.

2-2. Updating from earlier versions of the CDE to the most recent CDE

Before updating to the most recent version of the CDE, it is recommended to uninstall your currently installed version of the CDE.
From the Eclipse menu bar, select “Help / Check for Updates”, then follow displayed directions to update. The CDE update process is basically the same as the First-time CDE Installation process detailed above. (Similarly, after restarting Eclipse, the Curl installer will run.)

3. * For Ubuntu Users

The P2 installation repository for the CDE does not offer an install for Ubuntu Linux, so for Ubuntu you must first install the Curl RTE and IDE with root permissions.

The Ubuntu installer for the Curl IDE and the Curl RTE is available at the location below.

Curl IDE Download

Curl RTE Download

4. * Known Installation Issues

Prior to installation and use of the Caede Development Tools, other prerequisite plugins (Android-related, CDE) must first be installed.

If, due to other installations, it’s not possible to install the required plugins, it’s possible to use Caede without the Caede Development Tools.

If a Caede Eclipse Plug-in installation is attempted with an existing copy of the Caede Eclipse Plug-in already installed, an error will result. (To view a list of installed plugins, from the Eclipse menu bar, select Help -> About Eclipse SDK, then press the Installation Details button.)

■ If an error like the one shown below occurs, please uninstall: Android DDMS, Android Development Tools, and Android Hierarchy Viewer.

Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency. Software being installed: Curl Development Environment - xxxx (com.curl.caede.eclipse.plugin.feature.feature.group 5.0.0.v2012-03-....) Software currently installed: Android DDMS 1x.0.0.v..... (com.android.ide.eclipse.ddms.feature.group 1x.0.0.v....) Only one of the following can be installed at once: Dalvik Debug Monitor Service 1x.0.0.vxxxx (com.android.ide.eclipse.ddms ...) From: Android DDMS 1x.0.0.vxxxx ....

■ If an error like the one below occurs, please uninstall the CDE.

Your original request has been modified. "Curl Development Environment (English)" is already installed, so an update will be performed instead. Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.

■ If Android Development Tools is not selected during plugin installation, Eclipse may be unable to find an update to Android Development Tools.

■ If using CDE-related tool plugins (UML Tools/Memory Analyzer) with a previous version of the CDE, when installation of the latest CDE and Caede Eclipse Plug-in has finished, it will be necessary to update the CDE-related tool plugins. The versions of the Caede Eclipse Plug-in and other CDE-related tool plugins must match with the installed CDE. For this reason, it’s not possible to just add the Caede Eclipse Plug-in to an existing installation. Select both the CDE and Caede Eclipse Plug-in for installation, ensuring that their versions are in sync.

■ If the Caede Eclipse Plug-in installation fails, please create a new Eclipse installation and install the CDE, Caede Eclipse Plug-in, and any necessary CDE-related tool plugins there.

If installation fails and the above is impossible due to development demands, please try the following steps to manually update an existing Eclipse.

  1. Uninstall the CDE-related tool plugins and Caede Eclipse Plug-in from Eclipse.
  2. After uninstalling, restart Eclipse.
  3. Remove the jar files for the Caede Eclipse Plug-in and the CDE-related tool plugins from the Eclipse install folder.
    <Eclipse install folder>/plugins/
    - com.caede.eclipse.plugin_*.jar
    - com.curl.eclipse.cde.mat.htprof_*.jar
    - com.curl.eclipse.cde.uml_*.jar
    - com.curl.eclipse.eclipse.plugin_*.jar
  4. Shutdown Eclipse.
  5. Launch Eclipse with the -clean option.
    Eclipse with the -clean option:eclipse.exe -clean
  6. Install the Caede Eclipse Plug-in and CDE-related tool plugins from the repository.