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Release Notes - Curl 8.0.5 Mac

Known Issues - Curl RTE 8.0.5 - Mac Release


GUI and Graphics

Mac: Not getting all host appearance setting updates

Changes to the system appearance do not appear on some Curl controls until the Curl applet is reloaded.

Mac: Curl RadioButton and CheckButton behave different from the same controls in Mac.

Using the tab key to navigate between RadioButtons and CheckButtons does not work in Curl applets on the Mac. Also, using the space bar to select and deselect RadioButtons and Checkbuttons does not work in Curl applets on the Mac.

Mac: Aqua RichTextArea style shortcuts nonfunctional in plugins

The shortcuts for bold, italic and underline do not work properly in RichTextAreas on the Mac.

Mac: The back, reload and other buttons of safari button can be clicked in Safari, when modal dialog popup.

A user can use the navigation buttons on Safari when a Curl modal dialog is shown by a Curl applet loaded in Safari.

Mac: copy on Mac does not follow platform conventions for copying words

Copying and pasting of words on the Mac does not properly preserve the surrounding whitespace.

Mac: Scrollbar thumb is cropped by the down arrow on short Aqua scrollbars.

On a Mac, the thumb of a ScrollBar in a Curl applet can appear cropped when the ScrollBar is short in height for a vertical scrollbar or narrow for a horizontal scrollbar.

Using CTRL+click or Apple Key+click on a link to a Curl applet does not open new tab

If you hold down the control key on a PC or the Apple key on a Mac and click on a link to a Curl applet, the linked applet will not open up in a new tab.

Mac:"Open at Login" seems not very well.

If you set the Curl RTE to be "Opened at Login" on the Mac, the RTE will not stay open all the time unless the RTE is in use.

Mac: Print and Page Setup dialogs don't work well

The Print and Page Setup dialogs on the Mac may not behave as expected. These modal dialogs may remain posted after the applet that raised these dialogs is reloaded.

OS and Server Issues

Mac: After click the Curl icon in dock, it should bring the Curl Control Panel.

Currenlty, on a Mac, in order to bring up the Curl RTE control panel, the user must click on the Curl icon in the system dock and selectthe Curl icon in the dock must be choose the Show Control Panel menu choice.