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Download : Integrated Development Environment

Curl CDE deb (Ubuntu) Edition

If Using CDE (Eclipse Plugin)
Please set the Eclipse update site to the following URL.

http://www.curl.com/cde.update-site.lin32/ http://www.curl.com/cde.update-site.lin32/

For installation details, please see the following link.

If Using Classic IDE
you can download it from the following link.

The download may fail, in this case, please right-click " Download " button, and choose "Save link as".

Classic IDE, deb (Ubuntu) Edition
File Name: curl-ide-9-ko_8.0.1007-r2_i586.deb
For users downloading from Windows® Internet Explorer®
The download popup may be blocked.
In this case, please click on the blocking message at the top of the browser, and select download from the menu there.