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About Curl

An introduction to the features that bring users to choose Curl.

Development Language

A document formatting language, a layout markup language, a data-processing, expressive, procedural language, a highly-modular object-oriented language - Curl is all of these. While many other systems require deploying a combination of different languages, Curl allows the developer to do it all in just one complete, integrated language, leading to easier development, maintenance, and upgrading.

Integrated Development Environment

For Curl application development, the integrated development environment CDE (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse) is provided. The CDE supports the development of web applications written in Curl, as a plugin to the widely-used Eclipse environment, bundling together an editor, project browser, wizards, and debugging tools. With the CDE it's easy for Java or PHP developers, for example, to transition to Curl development. For existing users of the legacy Curl IDE, the CDE offers a new step up in productivity.

Mobile application Development Environment

Caede is an integrated development environment that converts Curl source code to mobile modules (HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript) using the provided Translator, Framework, Library and development tools.

Runtime Engine

Curl applications execute on a runtime engine (Curl RTE) installed on the client machine. Built with an emphasis on security, the Curl RTE allows applications to run with high performance but still safely. Even should a user encounter a malicious application, the Curl RTE will prevent unauthorized data access or changes to the client machine.

Development Library

Curl has made available several external libraries to support a variety of development needs: from web services and AMF transmission to new UI design elements. All of these libraries are available as source code, allowing Curl developers to freely use them and make source-level changes as needed.


Use of Curl products requires obtaining and consenting to a valid license.


From primers for new users to practical guides for developers, several different books on Curl development are available.