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Enterprise Software

These demos illustrate various capabilities of the Curl platform that enterprises can put to use.

*To view Curl applications, you need to download and install the Curl RTE. This fast, easy download is your key to viewing some of the most data-intensive, graphic-rich applications you will see on the Web today.

Click here to download the RTE now.

Please note that these demos are unsupported, "as is" software.

Data Visualization

Stock Performance Calculator

Curl designed this wealth calculator for a major financial institution to demonstrate several capabilities of Curl technology, such as: data visualization (i.e., 3D graphics, dynamic user interface); locally stored, personalized content for each user; desktop application-level functionality with a Web delivered applet; and the potential to extend and use dynamic data updates (i.e., stock price quotes).

After starting the calculator, click the "Tour" button in the upper right-hand corner for more information about features and usage.

On-Line Map Exploration

Google made the on-line display of maps into a poster child for the benefits of rich Internet applications, but Google had to work pretty carefully to avoid exceeding the limitations imposed by the relatively low performance of JavaScript executing in a browser. That's why you can smoothly pan (move right, left, up, and down) in Google Maps, but you can't smoothly zoom (change the display scale).

This prototype mapping application uses data from TerraServer-USA. It was built using Curl long before the Google version came out, and it lets you zoom smoothly (by using the slider below the picture) as well as pan (by dragging within the map image), showcasing the data visualization advantages that come from Curl's just-in-time compiler and native-code performance. You can use the dropdown list at the top to choose between an aerial photo and a topo map view. Open the "Famous Places" tab to get some new starting points for exploration.

The mapping demo caches map tiles locally on your client computer (click "Cache Status" to see statistics about this) so you can continue to explore areas you've looked at before, even if you're no longer connected to the network. Think about the value of this Occasionally Connected Computing (OCC) capability if you want to look at map data on your laptop computer while you're traveling. To use the OCC version of the application, access it using the URL


while you're on-line, and then use that URL again when you're not connected to the Internet. You'll be able to see the map tiles that were cached on your computer during your on-line access to the site. (Notes: on Windows®, you can put this URL into a link in an HTML page, but on Linux, you have to put this link into a Curl applet and click on it there. On Windows, if your default browser is Firefox, you will need to click Launch Application in an "External Protocol Request" window that will pop up.)

* To view this demo, you need to configure Curl to give privilege to applets from www.curl.com. Go here to learn how to do this.

Interactive Forms

Order Entry

Order entry and monitoring is one of the most common business applications. Here's a prototype order entry application that students are able to build after a week's training with Curl. If you click the "Data" tab, you will also see a demonstration of some of Curl's capabilities for business data visualization. Try hovering over the pie wedges in the pie chart, clicking on the bars in the bar chart, clicking to select different records in the "data" grid, and double-clicking on the title bars (such as "chart" or "active summary") of the individual display panes.

Live Tax Form

Most forms on the Web either look like the real thing but don't do much, or have active features but have a look and feel that's more dictated by the limitations of the implementation technology than by user needs. Even back in 2003 the Curl technology was up to building this mock-up of a U.S. 1040EZ tax form that looks just like the real form and also performs calculations in real time as you enter data. Of course, standard computer user interface conventions, such as being able to use the Tab key to navigate between data fields, are supported.

This form is also linked to helpful documentation authored in Curl as well as PDF pages from the official government instructions. Finally, it uses client-side persistent data (CSPD) so you can save your work on your client machine and then come back later to finish filling out the form.

Mailing Label

This interactive mailing label was built as a demo for the Japanese market. The label does not use any images, just native text and Curl graphics objects, yet it looks just like a carefully crafted paper mailing label. Being a Curl application, it also lets you type information into the embedded text fields. Curl controls other than text fields are also included: for example, the dotted ovals that are arranged vertically at the extreme right of the label are actually radio buttons specifying the requested delivery time.

When you are done, you can press the Print button at the lower left to print out a label, ready for use to mail your parcel.

Portals and Mash-Ups

RSS Reader

This application reads RSS feeds and provides an interface for reading the articles they contain. If you click on the name of an RSS feed in the top left pane of the application, a list of articles will appear in the grid at in the top right pane. If you click on the name of an article in the top right pane, the article itself will be displayed in an Internet Explorer window that is embedded in the bottom pane of this application. Similar capabilities can be used to synthesize data from all sorts of external sources, as well as external data viewers, into one integrated Curl application.

* To view this demo, you need to configure Curl to give privilege to applets from www.curl.com. Go here to learn how to do this.

* Please note that this demo does not work with the current Mac beta RTE.

Live Documentation

Web-Based Training

Here's an excerpt from one of Curl's Web-based training courses. The training delivery application is itself a Curl application, which allows for a high level of configurability and interactivity in the user interface, including interactive Curl programming examples. Start by clicking the Next Slide button at the top right of the application to learn how to view the course content. You can configure the application layout by dragging the separator between the index and content panes.

If you configure Curl to give privilege to this application (learn how), then the various content panes will be floatable and dockable by dragging their title bars or the tabs at the bottom of the panes.

The same user interface principles are applicable to a broad range of education, training, and maintenance documentation.

* Please note that this demo does not work with the current Mac beta RTE.