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Fun and Games

These demos don't look much like enterprise software, but they're fun to use and they show off capabilities of the Curl platform. Some of these games illustrate how Curl lets you move beyond the capabilities of AJAX and other rich client technologies; all of them are good for at least a few moments' entertainment.

*To view Curl applications, you need to download and install the Curl RTE. This fast, easy download is your key to viewing some of the most data-intensive, graphic-rich applications you will see on the Web today.

Click here to download the RTE now.

Please note that these demos are unsupported, "as is" software.


Match wits with sadChess, a Web-deployed chess-playing application that plots its next move entirely using client-side computing. As a bonus, you can save a game on your local machine and then come back to it later. If you're a good player, you can beat sadChess, but this application highlights the benefits that Curl applications get because they compile into native code and execute with the full performance of the client machine.

Check the Help menu at the top of the application to get detailed operating instructions.

Chinese Checkers

Play Chinese Checkers against the computer. Like sadChess, this application plots its strategy entirely using client-side computing. Instructions are displayed when you start the application. Note that the rules are a little different from the Chinese Checkers variant that is familiar to many players in the United States. The rules in this game (explained in the program) allow longer jumps when there are large expanses of open space.


Maki is a pastime that became popular with the first generation of PDAs. Click on the Help button toward the bottom of the application to get usage instructions.


This is a game like the old favorite children's card game Concentration. The application's Game menu has a Help command that provides instructions. Your reward for winning the game is that you get to view a nice picture.