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To use Curl products or execute Curl applications over the internet, it’s necessary to acquire and agree to a Curl license.

Curl’s license comes in two forms: a noncommercial/personal free license, and an enterprise paid license including high security, high performance, and high maintainability features.

Product Licensing Outline

RTE License
Curl Runtime Engine (Curl RTE) License
Curl RTE Download

Development License
License for delivering Curl applications from web servers

In order to delivery Curl applications over the internet, it’s necessary to acquire a Curl Deployment License and host the deployment license key (curl-license-5.dat) on the web server.

Curl Deployment License

This is the noncommercial/personal, free license. Use of the Curl Deployment License is restricted to Web applications that are invoked through publicly visible URLs, do not use https or similar encrypted transmission, and are free to end-users.

Curl Pro/Deployment License

This is the commercial, paid license, intended for business and including features useful for SaaS and more.

  • Signed Applets
  • Source File Obfuscation
  • HTTPS Transmission
  • Automated Test Tool Integration
  • Pcurl File Support
  • Etc.
Details on each feature are available in the Curl IDE help.
Kinds of Licenses
・ Curl Pro/Deployment Enterprise License (License Code: EPS-SS-UUUU)

This license is for business.
This license is based on the number of user PCs (UUUU) accessing and servers hosting (SS) the Curl application distribution URL.

・ Curl Pro/Deployment Saas License (License Code: SaaS-UUUU)

This license is for SaaS or ASP-style deployments.
This license is based on the number of user PCs (UUUU) accessing the Curl application distribution URL.

・ Curl Pro/Deployment Development License (License Code: CSD1)

This is the license for development, testing and maintenance.
This type of license is limited to 20 client PCs and 1 URL.

Curl Pro/Deployment License 60 Day Trial
For evaluating Curl, this is a free license that activates the same features as the paid licenses. You can use this license to try out Curl Pro features before buying.
Education, research, and nonprofit organizations can obtain a paid edition license at no cost.
For details, please contact us.

IDE License
Curl Application Integrated Development Environment License
CDE (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse) Download
Curl Pro/IDE

When used for commercial development, this paid license upgrades the CDE/Curl IDE.
When the license code is registered with the CDE/Curl IDE, it activates useful features for system development, such as additional security features and source code obfuscation.

Classic IDE
Core Features Curl Deployment ※1
Code Editor
Code Autocompletion
Code Template
Background Error Checking
Cross Browser
Library Repository
Visual Tools Visual Layout Editor(VLE)
VLE Extension Editor
VLE Compound Objects ※1
Quality & Performance Tools Debugger
Metric Analysis
Program Analyzer
Profile Viewer
Coverage Viewer
Memory Analysis Tool
Design & Document Management SCC Integration
UML Export/Import
Deployment pcurl File Creation ※1
HTTP Monitoring ※1
Code Signing ※1
Mobile Development Caede Project ※2  
Mobile Module Translation ※2  
Caede GUI for VLE ※2  
Screen Template ※2  
Preview ※2  
Documentation IDE Documentation
CDE Documentation
API Help
Support Desktop / RIA
※1 Only applicable to Curl desktop/RIA application development
※2 Only applicable to Curl mobile application development
*For details, see CDE help or Curl IDE help, as appropriate.

Open Source / Library License
Libraries and Open Source Libraries for Curl Application Development
Open Source, Library License Download

License Environment

Deployment Environment

[Deployment Environment]

Deployment licenses are placed on the web server hosting the Curl application, RTE licenses on client PCs.

Development Environment

[Development Environment]

Deployment licenses are placed on the development web server hosting the Curl application. IDE, RTE, and open source licenses are placed on developer PCs.