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CDL:Caede Dynamic Layout System


CDL:Caede Dynamic Layout System / Feature of dynamic layout ajustment (CDL)
With Caede Dynamic Layout System, you can achieve caede applications' best settings for layout size, layout split/placement and screen transition by the same single source codes without considerring the differences of display sizes among mobile devices like smart phones or tablets.

Caede New Features

  • Caede now supports WindowsRT


    Our new Caede release now supports Windows RT, you now have enhanced support for developing multi-platform applications with Caede. You can create applications with the same source codes to support multi-platforms of WindowsRT, iOS and Android.

  • Globalization support


    Globalization support allows developers provide multilingual applications using Caede technology, presenting UI in a language according to settings of devices' locale preferences. Everyone all over the world could use Caede applications in their preferred language with the same application.

  • Enhanced performance ( up to ~500% )

    Enhanced performance ( up to ~500% )

    Comparing with Caede Ver. 2.0, performance of Caede applications is greatly improved, up to 500% *1.

  • More than forty kinds of UI templates

    More than forty kinds of UI templates

    In this Caede 2.1 release, More than forty kinds of original UI templates are provided for rapid layout development, including templates for VLE and CDL(Caede Dynamic Layout) . This makes it possible for higher efficiency of rapid application development for applications featured with both excellent UI and cross-platforms, as a single program. The development productivity could be twice*1 of Caede's old release.

  • Installation of security certificate.

    Installation of security certificate.

    Caede 2.1 provides new features such as supporting connection to and/or from third party applications, supporting installation of client certificates.

  • Displaying detailed information clearly with data grid

    Displaying detailed information clearly with data grid

    New API ( SimpleDataTable ) for showing detailed data clearly in table / grid format like Excel.

Caede SDK

  • Table / Grid

    Table / Grid

    Excel-like tabular display with tables and grids

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag & Drop

    High-quality touch manipulation with drag & drop events

  • Container


    Additional tools to smoothly present messages to the user, from dialogs to balloons and more

  • Graphics / Rendering

    Graphics / Rendering

    Enabling CAD-like, complex applications with Shape APIs

  • ListView


    Fast scrolling through long lists with ListViewer

  • IME


    Improved usability of software keyboards with IME support

  • Zoom in / Zoom out

    Zoom in / Zoom out

    Magnification for any kind of layout, not just images

  • Charts


    Speed up business decisions with six styles of charts (line, area, scatter, bubble, bar, and pie)

  • Optimizer

    Improved runtime speed though the Javascript code optimizer

  • File APIs

    Securely access the local file system: rename, delete, etc.

  • StackTrace

    Verify the proper operation of applications during development

Caede Development Tools

  • Screen Template

    Screen Template

    Create application layouts simply by modifying one of 14 available templates

  • Preview


    Preview across the range of Android and iOS screen sizes with the Caede-specific preview

*1 Data is from some comparisons among applications in our test lab.

What is Caede?

Enjoy mobile application development with "Just Curl"; no need to learn Objective C, Java, HTML 5, etc!


Caede is an integrated development environment that converts Curl source code to mobile modules (HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript) using the provided Translator, Framework, Library and development tools.

Caede is provided through three main parts:

― Framework
mobile development framework.
― Libraries
mobile development libraries.
― Translator
HTML 5 conversion / build module.

Caede uses the Curl language as its development language.

Caede application can be run as mobile applications on systems without the Curl RTE installed.

Enabling the development of hybrid enterprise applications

Caede allows the development of applications that can be run as native applications on smartphone or tablets. And just like Curl applications, it includes support for GUI layouts, screen transitions, business logic, web services, and more, with the addition of mobility features like local storage, cameras, and location services (e.g. GPS).


Caede, the mobile application development tool for Curl, consists of the Caede Eclipse Plugin and the Caede SDK.

Caede SDK

Caede uses the Curl language as a mobile-oriented DSL for mobile application development, provided mainly through a free library.

― Framework
mobile development framework
― Libraries
mobile development libraries
― Translator
HTML 5 conversion / build module

Caede consists broadly of three main parts: download here (link goes to development library page)

Caede Development Tools(Caede Eclipse Plugin)

The Curl language can be used as a mobile-oriented DSL, as a part of an IDE, for mobile application development.

― Caede Project
A project style using Curl for mobile application development, using Caede.
― Mobile Module Automated Translation
Automated background translation in a Caede project from Curl source to mobile modules.
― Caede for VLE
Enables Caede GUI components to be used in the VLE (Visual Layout Editor).
― StyleDesigner
Enables designers to create styles for both desktops and RIA applications.
― Screen Template
14 different templates for common mobile application screens. Create application layouts by simply modifying a template.
― Preview
Preview across the range of Android and iOS screen sizes with the Caede-specific preview feature. Avoid the PC cost of running Android emulators and the time and effort of running on physical device while getting immediate feedback on layout.

Caede can be downloaded with the integrated development environment CDE.

A Curl Pro/IDE License is required for use. (A free edition is also available.)

The Caede Eclipse Plugin provides the following major features. download here (link goes to CDE download page)

Feature List

Caede SDK
GUI Control
( ListView, Toast, NavigationBar... )
( Form, Box, Scroll Box, Dialog, Balloon, Carousel ... )
( Swipe, Tap Event, Drag & Drop )
Elastic ( Automatic expansion and compression )
Caede Dynamic Layout System (Feature of automatic layout ajustment)
Zoom in / Zoom out
Graphics / Rendering
( Shape )
Table / Grid
( Line charts, Area charts, Scatter charts, Bubble charts, Bar charts, Pie charts )
Orientation Change ( Expand, Contract )
Aspect conversion
Media ( Audio, Video )
iOS Support
Android Support
Windows RT Support
Local Storage
Acceleration Sensor
Java/Objective-C Interface
JavaScript Interface
File APIs
Framework Splash Screen
Screen Management
Screen Transition
Data Type Primitive
Record Data
Libraries HTTP
Mathematical Functions
Regular Expression
Console Output / Format / StackTrace
Installation of security certificate.
Localization and internationalization support
Translator Translation
Caede Development Tools
Development Tools Eclipse plugin
CaedeGUIs for VLE
Style Designer
Screen Templates
( Emulators )
Plug-in Development
CDE Integration

Download Download

|  Caede SDK

Link goes to development library page

download here

|  Caede Development Tools

Link goes to CDE download page

download here

It's needed to meet system requirements of Curl IDE and CDE for developing applications using Caede. See here for details: Curl CDE System Requirements