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Dynamic Layout System

A proper layout that best fitting device's screen will be used for display when the caede app is run, if the caede app is created with dynamic layout system.

The dynamic layout system is also supported by "Preview" feature of Caede Development Tools in CDE. When being previewed, an appropriate layout will be shown according to the preview screen size.

Dynamic Layout System

Screen Templates

54 sample layouts usable right away

54 different templates for common mobile application screens. Create application layouts by simply modifying a template.



Straight from development to test and verification

Preview across the range of Android and iOS screen sizes with the Caede-specific preview feature. Avoid the PC cost of running Android emulators and the time and effort of running on physical device while getting immediate feedback on layout.


Caede Project Wizard

A Wizard for developing caede mobile application

With bunch of useful templates, it becomes easier than before when creating caede apps supporting dynamic layout system. Enhanced code management support splitting souce files according to screen 'block's, splitting files according to type of classes. The wizard also provides a simple way to setting Caede Deployment License, and setting for push notification services.

Caede Project

Mobile Module Automated Translation

From Curl to hybrid applications

Automated background translation in a Caede project from Curl source to mobile modules.

Mobile Module Automated Translation

Caede for VLE

Match the layout in your head without coding

Enables Caede GUI components to be used in the VLE (Visual Layout Editor).

Caede for VLE


Just like applying cosmetics

Enables designers to create styles for both desktops and RIA applications.


Caede Eclipse Plugin

Plugin for Mobile Development

The Caede Eclipse Plugin uses the Caede SDK (Curl mobile application development environment) with Eclipse to effortlessly create mobile applications. Offers Caede projects for mobile application development in Curl, and a Caede GUI plugin for the VLE.

Metrics Analysis

Allowing application source code
to be measured.

A new metrics analysis feature was added, allowing application source code to be measured in various numerical ways. You can check code metrics in the Curl metrics view, identify overly verbose or complex logic for cleanup, and aim for improved product quality.

Code Templates

Create templates to share
among your team.

Create templates to share among your team, including templates for source files, applet files, package files, or other files specific to your application.

Debugger Improvements

Watch points have been added to help speed your development.

Watch points have been added to help speed your development. Watch points are a feature that stops program execution at the point when a given address is written to. Additionally, error checking can now occur simultaneously with coding.

Runtime Error Reporting

Find errors quickly.

The Curl Program Analyzer (CPA) is a component of the Curl plugin that understands and can report errors in Curl syntax. It runs as a background process so as not to interfere with editing or other Eclipse operations. Analysis progress can be viewed in the Eclipse progress view and the status bar.


Easy to acclimate for both Eclipse users and Classic IDE (Curl IDE) user.

The editor offers problem error display, source code autocomplete dropdowns, hover tooltips and more. Furthermore, Classic IDE (Curl IDE) users can ease their transition by setting shortcut keys to match those from the IDE.

Curl Tools

Of course, you can also use Curl’s development tools.

The Visual Layout Editor (VLE), a useful tool for creating user interfaces for Curl applications, is included in the integrated development environment. It also includes tools for application tuning, white box testing, are more, as well as the capability to integrate with useful third-party tools.


Look, touch, edit, and understand.

The Eclipse help includes the useful Curl document viewer, with its many explanations and copious sample code.

Memory Analysis Tool

Giving you a solid view of application
performance, without hassles.

The Memory Analyzer allows you to view Curl applet memory usages, broken down by object size or proportions, creating a graph of Curl runtime memory usage to allow you to fine-tune performance.

UML Export / Import

Making Curl easy to model.

It’s possible to export Curl source code to a model for use with UML tools. Going it other way, UML models can also be converted into Curl source code. All this allows you to smooth the process from design to implementation, reducing the costs of updates and maintenance.

Library Repository

Support for easier, more freeform development.

Curl allows libraries to be shared from a central repository, allowing those libraries to be easily selected and installed from a list. Individual developers can more easily collaborate, increasing productivity.