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The Curl IDE is an integrated development environment designed for efficient and speedy Curl application development.

The main features of the Curl IDE include the following.

Outside a few features, the Curl IDE is free. You can download it from the "Integrated Development Environment CDE Download" page.

GUI Development Tool (Visual Layout Editor)

The Visual Layout Editor (VLE) is a useful tool for developing user interfaces for Curl applications.

Visual Layout Editor(VLE)

The Visual Layout Editor allows developers to add graphical objects, change their size, move them around, and more via drag-and-drop. What’s more, various detailed settings and even handlers can also be controlled, in many cases without writing code. Near 100 kinds of graphical objects are provided by default, and to supplement those developers can add their own new or modified types (VLE extensions are a Pro feature).

By using the Visual Layout Editor, developers can create GUIs or reporting systems without coding.

Text Editor

Using the Text Editor, you can edit Curl language files and other text documents.

Text Editor

The Text Editor allows files to be displayed, not just source code files but also image files and many others making up a project. Source code editing also supports features like: auto-indent, syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and auto-assist. And debugging offers features like variable display and runtime stepping and tracing, giving you fine-grained control to stamp out bugs.

In this way, developers can accomplish many development tasks within the unified editor interface.

Executable Help

Curl language, terminology, overviews and more are all carefully documented.

Executable Help

From the Document Viewer, developers can interact with code samples as if they were regular applications. The source code displayed becomes a mini text editor, allowing you to edit samples and immediately run them with your changes. If necessary, the edited samples can then be saved as applets themselves.

The Curl help documents let developers speedily search and explore the Curl APIs.

Curl Eclipse Plugin

The Curl Eclipse Plugin (more formally CDE: Curl Development Tools for Eclipse) is a set of plugins enabling Curl platform to function on the Eclipse platform.

Available with the Windows and Linux versions, the Curl Eclipse Plugin works with the Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4 SDK, or the Eclipse 3.3 or 3.4 based IDE. The Curl Eclipse Plugin allows Java and PHP (and more) developers to more smoothly transition to Curl development.

The Curl Eclipse Plugin is included with the free IDE, and can be downloaded from the "Curl Eclipse Plugin" page.

Other Tools for Large-Scale Development

Other features are available that extend the Curl IDE in ways important for large development projects, including performance tuning tools and tools to interface with third-party tools. All these tools can also be used with the Curl Eclipse Plugin. These tools are Pro (licensed) features.

  • HTTP Traffic Monitoring Tool
  • Curl Application Performance Monitoring Tool
  • Source Code Management System Interface
  • Visual Layout Editor (VLE) Extension Editor