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Curl Application Scenarios

Migration from a Legacy Client/Server System to a Web-Based System

Migrating an existing legacy system to a Web-based system can entail huge costs and risks.

Curl's solution makes full use of your existing assets and coordinates with your other existing systems so you don't have to develop another system from scratch. Our solution coexists with other Web technologies and provides you with user-friendly Web applications.
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Support for Offline Environments

Occasionally Connected Computing (OCC) keeps Curl applications working for you even when offline, making possible services and information sharing competitive with those available online.

The availability of Web-based systems in an environment in which you have no access to the Internet allows you to carry out your job efficiently, independent of network conditions.
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Information Portal/Management Analysis

An operator or manager needs to analyze a variety of information from multiple angles to make decisions. User needs are not standardized, so an information portal system must be capable of showing the items of interest to a specific user and presenting analysis results in a visually easy-to-read manner. Curl’s core competency lies in this area. Using Curl to meet your information portal needs, innovative Web applications featuring simplified information search capabilities and support for your online business operations, as well as improved usability and user interface, become easy to build.
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Electronic Form Application System

As IT infrastructure develops, there is a growing trend away from conventional paper forms, even for simple consumer applications such as change of address applications or opening a bank account, toward the use of Web sites for data entry and application execution. Developing an electronic application form and Web-based application system involves solving many issues and spending much time to implement a complicated business form on an HTML-based Web screen. Curl makes possible Web applications with usability and screen controls equivalent to those available from client-server systems. With the Curl technology, you can efficiently construct user-friendly Web forms that are visually similar to your existing paper forms.
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