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Curl Application Scenarios

Migration from Legacy Client/Server System

Business enterprises are increasingly making use of the Web to fulfill their information system needs. In an attempt to utilize IT assets after the end of a lease period and to reduce costs, they are actively trying to shift from their existing systems, typically legacy systems, to Web-based systems. A major overhaul or fundamental renovation of the entire system, however, would naturally incur huge costs and risks.

People in charge of corporate information systems have been searching for an ideal solution that would achieve the greatest possible effect at a minimal cost and risk. They should know that there is a quite effective solution.

They can make full use of their existing assets rather than developing another system.

Speed is becoming increasingly important in business. It is essential for the public face of a business to adopt a Web-based interface compatible with the ubiquitous Internet. Since it is not dependent on the client environment, a Web-based system is advantageous in, for example, information gathering, program distribution, and version management.

Problems faced when migrating from a client-server system to a Web-based system include poor usability and screen control and slow server response. Many companies may have abandoned the idea of moving to a Web-based system and continue to use their existing client-server system due to worries about a poor user interface.

Curl is a rich client technology that, while based on the Web, allows for usability and screen controls equivalent to those available with a client-server system. Each business worries most about risks and costs. At a minimal risk and cost, Curl ensures coordination with existing data and systems. It is the best solution to smooth Web migration of client-server applications.

Furthermore, Curl provides a high degree of security in the Internet environment, protecting your important information from leaks and hacking attacks.

Conceptual Rendering of Legacy System Web Migration

Conceptual Diagram of Legacy System Web Migration

Advantages of Curl

Improved Usability

  • Enables the construction of sophisticated user interfaces
  • Enables the customization of special keys such as function and tab keys
  • Makes possible an interface as good as that of desktop applications

Improved Performance

  • Dramatically reduces server accesses for screen changes
  • Makes complicated screen controls possible, surpassing ordinary Web browser capabilities

Improved Operation and Management

  • Centralized management of applications from your Web browser
  • Fast, easy distribution of application and content upgrades

Reduced Risks and Costs

  • Reduced development time needed for the Web migration of existing systems
  • Connects with existing systems for efficient reuse of corporate IT assets