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Curl Application Scenarios

Occasionally Connected Computing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a key measure in heightening competitive corporate sales efficiency and productivity. Most CRM systems, however, require a user to be connected to the corporate intranet while entering, searching, or analyzing sales data. The value of CRM software is diminished when sales personnel cannot access it while traveling or during business talks in client offices.

The Occasionally Connected Computing (OCC) capability of the Curl platform enables you, even when offline, to increase your business productivity by accessing services and information equivalent to those available online.

Occasionally Connected Computing (OCC)

Occasionally Connected Computing allows access to locally stored files as if connected to the network, and normal use of Web business applications, even if the client PC is disconnected from the network in a remote environment.

Conceptual Image of OCC Operation

Conceptual Diagram of OCC Operation

OCC is also effective in reducing network traffic volume. Once a file is copied onto a client PC, it remains available for subsequent access.

OCC makes possible a scheme in which Web applications can be launched and past data can be retrieved from a local PC while the latest updated data is acquired via the server. It is a quick solution, especially for users who wish to strengthen or reorganize their networks.

Benefits from Using Curl in Building Offline Applications

Use in Offline Environments

  • Enables you to use applications, and enter and store data even when offline.
  • Applications can cache data on the client machine, and can upload new information when on-line.

Reduced Network Traffic Loads

  • Improves usability and response of applications.

Enhanced Work Efficiency

  • Improves the productivity of your business in a remote environment by retaining connections with intra-corporate operations.
  • Allows business opportunities to be identified and seized quickly and efficiently, increasing sales and profits.

Construction of Next-generation Web Applications

  • Enables the construction of sophisticated user interfaces.
  • Creates screens and functions supporting sophisticated simulations.

Improved Operation and Management

  • Enables installation and synchronization via the Web.
  • Allows the use of in-house Web applications in a remote environment while keeping up to date with the latest information.