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Curl Application Scenarios

Portals and Dashboards

The rapid spread of information technology in business enterprises has resulted in many pieces of useful information being scattered across different systems. This makes it hard for companies to gather information efficiently. A company might have its information system division take the initiative to develop a unified architecture and construct a company-wide IT system. Considering the associated costs, time frame, and effectiveness, it is not practical to rebuild the entire corporate IT system while accommodating the special needs of each sales division. Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) have come to the fore as a solution enabling users to efficiently utilize existing information assets and applications.

Integrating systems within the company in a cross-divisional manner by means of an EIP can help improve user productivity and decision-making speed.

Making an Information Portal Practical

To foster closer ties between their business and information technology, those in charge of corporate information systems face a challenge of the highest priority in introducing EIP. However, the technologies currently available to developers for portal building are, in many aspects, unsatisfactory.

To name a few, "Available technologies cannot make the greatest practical use of frequently used applications," "they are useless to us when building a complicated Web user interface," and "they incur skyrocketing system development costs."

Curl minimizes system development costs and risks and solves other problems as well, enabling innovative information portals. You may wish to achieve personalization, that is to process and display optimized information on the client side, or the processing of multiple events, which means implementing difficult functions with any pre-existing information portals. Curl enables you to provide end users with truly user-friendly Web applications, as well as with improved usability and an enhanced Web interface.

Curl Information Portal Incorporated in the System

Benefits of Building a Curl Information Portal

Client-Side Personalization

  • Building customized user interfaces
  • Generating high-usability portal screens


  • Accessing scattered information existing both inside and outside the company from multiple small windows on the screen
  • Gathering information from multiple servers and processing it on the client side to lighten server loads

Information Organization

  • Changing the information display method on the client side
  • Storing frequently accessed information on the client PC for use from Web applications

Minimized Risks and Costs

  • Reducing the development time frame and improving productivity when building an information portal.
  • Enabling the construction of practical applications that maximally reuse pre-existing systems.