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White Papers

Building Rich Internet Applications Beyond AJAX

In today's fast-moving world, Web application developers must respond flexibly to frequent change requests and new requirements. Development managers need to keep development costs low while ensuring an adequate level of technical expertise and application support capability. IT managers are asked to support ever more demanding application features within a budget for server and networking infrastructure.

Meanwhile, users are not fully satisfied with the current levels of Web application capability and quality. Users accustomed to the user interface of client-server applications tend to be frustrated with the usability and functionality of current Web applications. In addition, along with Web access to applications, highly creative users demand sophisticated visualizations and application features, not to mention attractive document presentation and standardized data entry.

Curl is the one solution that can reduce development, maintenance, and infrastructure costs while simultaneously meeting expanded user requirements.

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Curl: A Content Language for the Web

Highly usable Web applications are too hard to build using established Web technology platforms. Web content needs to span the spectrum from simple formatted text, through graphics, animations, and scripting, to enterprise-scale applications that use client-side computing. The Curl language is the world's first "content language" spanning this whole spectrum in one unified framework.

This white paper provides a detailed technical overview of the architecture of the Curl content language and the features that make it powerful for RIA development. This paper was originally presented at the International Lisp Conference 2005 at Stanford University in California.

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