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June 6, 2013

Mobile Development Environment Caede 2.0 Released

- Higher development productivity and new, high-quality UIs for enterprise applications -

SCSK Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo Koto-ku, Chairman & CEO: Nobuhide Nakaido; below SCSK) announces the June 6th release of SCSK’s proprietary mobile application development environment Caede Ver2.0 (below Caede 2.0) as well as its cross-platform integrated development environment CDE (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse) Ver8.0.3001.

1.Background and Overview

First announced in September 2012, Caede is a mobile development environment to produce hybrid applications*1 for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Caede is comprised of a development framework, libraries, and a translator in the Caede SDK (Software Development Kit), as well as a module (Caede Development Tools) for the integrated development environment for SCSK’s proprietary rich client/RIA*2 technology Curl. The CDE can be used to develop everything from RIA applications for PCs to mobile applications.
This release of Caede 2.0 and CDE Ver8.0.3001 (includes Caede Development Tools Ver2.0) strengthens the value proposition for enterprise applications, with a 50% or higher increase in development productivity (as measured in-house). Moving beyond mobile applications targeting only consumers, more sophisticated features are now available, including: 6 kinds of charts, drag & drop, and a Shape control to support complex 2D visualization systems like CAD or layout.

2.Caede 2.0 Key Features and Benefits

  • New features added for increased development productivity

    With 14 templates and sample wizards, designing rich user interfaces is quicker and easier. With the new Application Preview, customers can more quickly design and verify their unique application user interfaces, making corrections on the fly during development.

    * Android emulators and physical devices can still be used to verify layouts.

  • Create sophisticated mobile applications

    The various needs of enterprise applications are covered with new UI controls, IME features, tabular data controls, six kinds of charts, table improvements, and nine new screen transition animations. Further, touch-base interactions (drag & drop, zoom, etc.) have been improved.
    Finally, a 2D graphics API is now available, enabling complicated CAD-like design systems.

  • Increased application performance

    Application performance is often left to developers who get little chance to become familiar with the peculiarities of the target devices. Caede 2.0 adds a code optimizer for increased performance, creating faster JavaScript code without need for developer intervention.


3. Product Details and Support

For details and downloads, please use the following links.

4. Future Direction

The following application features and tools for development productivity are currently planned for later release.

Application Features
Support for interoperation with existing mobile applications, NFC (Near Field Communication), etc.
Development Productivity Features
Non-coding development tools, multiplatform installers, etc.
Features Enabling Total Management from Development through Deployment
Application update features, integration with cloud/on-premise environments for maintaining and supporting mobile applications, etc.

About Curl

SCSK’s Curl platform aims to solve the issues of existing web applications with a web programming language that enables rich user interfaces to be built for enterprise-level systems. From HTML5-style text markup to high-performance 3D graphics, the Curl language addresses a wide range of development needs.

Specializing in the client side, the Curl platform offers ground-breaking progress on delivering high-quality web application user interfaces to platforms from PC desktops to mobile devices, using a single development language with a single code base. It supports connections to server resources regardless of make or OS, allowing effective use of data or specialized resources regardless of where they reside.

The Curl language was initially developed in 1995 at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). From 2004 SCSK (formerly Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation) has maintained all licensing, sales, marketing and support services. Presently the Curl platform has been adopted by over 500 companies in Japan, including many large enterprises.

For more information about Curl, please see http://www.curl.com/

* All other product names, company names, service names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

*1 Hybrid Applications
Applications running in a native container (Webview or similar) on iOS or Android but built with and executing HTML5.
*2 RIA ( Rich Internet Applications)
RIA (Rich Internet Applications) are applications using browser plugins or similar techniques to leverage the capabilities of the client machine to provide rich user experiences.